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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In the latest edition of NU - the Avotaynu E-zine of Jewish Genealogy, [Vol 7
No 17 Oct 29th], Gary Mokotoff, the Editor has a section entitled: <"The
Importance of Special Interest Groups"..... There is an aspect of Jewish
genealogy, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), that I have avoided covering in Nu?
What's New? on the grounds that anyone doing Jewish research is aware of them,
...... I now realize this is wrong, because many people doing Jewish research
are not aware of SIGs....."> see:

As a keen member of the Austria-Czech SIG:
I have long been aware of this gaping hole - and this is once again highlighted
today by two postings on the General Dicussion Group which are so specialised
that their home territory really ought to be the Austria-Czech SIG. We do have
over 700 members who have a wide knowledge in this geographic area of the
Habsburg Empire and you are unlikely to find this on the General Discussion
Group. Furthermore, many of our members [probably the majority] do not get the
General Discussion Group postings, so they would not be in a position to reply.
Personal links may therefore be lost.

One of these postings is entitled: Origin of surname LUNDENBURG, where Larry
Hlasav asks: <Can anyone help me with a question regarding the 1787 edict of
Emperor Joseph (Austria) requiring Jewish families to adopt German surnames in
his Empire?> And the question continues on the subject of LUNDENBURG as a
toponymic. Answer: Yes, I can certainly attempt to answer this question, but I
wonder if the General Discussion Group is the place for a detailed answer?

The second is BAK / BACK and TRISCH / FRISCH, in Prague, Zlatniky and Slatiny,
Czech Republic where Gabriela Novak is seeking any information on these family
members who lived in Prague and in the town of Zlatniky and Slatiny, near
Prague. Gabriela has posted information on Roots web, but so far I have seen
nothing on the Austria-Czech SIG. It is well-worth a try!

BTW I am delighted to say that one of our active and best-informed Siggers* on
the subject of the town of Lundenburg [Breclav], Moravia is our nonagenarian
from Lundenburg, who entertained our SIG members royally at his home in Herzlia
last March!

Celia Male [U.K.]

PS: For our new correspondents: a Sigger is a Jewishgen term for a member of a

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