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Hi, fellow-genners,

In this Tuesday's, November 7 edition of the NY Times,
there's an article of interest as some [previously
overlooked] genealogy resources will soon be

'A Bid to Save and Share Pieces of Jewish Heritage'

It is about how YIVO is undertaking a three-year
archival project to organize and catalog the records
of five Jewish NYC agencies that helped in the
settlement of Jewish immigrants, (one since 1874).
The agencies are: the Educational Alliance, Surprise
Lake Camp, the New York Association for New Americans,
the Federation Employment and Guidance Service, and
the 92nd St. Y.

The current NY Times is always available on-line, and
access to articles is free for one week after
publication, whether you are a subscriber or not.
Here is the link to the article, which may appear on
more than one line in your browser:

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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