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I am looking for possible descendants of Abram Itzhak Rothstein (originally
ROTSZTEJN) >from Chorzele, Poland. He was born in about 1840, and apparently
arrived in the US in 1900, a few years after his wife, Ruchla LACRYC (written
in English as Lackritz) died. The Ellis Island manifest said he was meeting his
son, Aron. I do know that he had a nephew Aron, my greatgrandmother's brother.
A son with the same name seems reasonable, or it can be the nephew
misidentified. In any case, I assume Abram died in the USA, most likely in NYC
or Chicago, and probably before 1910 (I can't find him in the census, but I
admit, I didnt try every possible English name he could have adopted). I also
tried searching the NYC death records. There is one "Isaac Rothstein" who could
be him.

I'd appreciate private replies with useful information or further hints on where
to go.

Other related names are MAKOWSKI and BURSZTEJN

Steven D. Bloom
central Virginia

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