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Roger Lustig <julierog@...>

Dear Hanna:

First, a clarification for our readers: "East German" in the subject
line is a translation of "Ostdeutsch," i.e., east of the Oder-Neisse
line. The former East Germany--the German Democratic Republic--was
usually referred to as Mitteldeutschland, i.e., Middle Germany. I've
taken to saying "Prussian Poland," even though bits of the eastern parts
have wound up in Lithuania, Russia and the Czech Republic.

That said, Koenigsberg's films are listed in the FHL catalogue, same as
they always were. "Konigsberg" with or without the umlaut, and
"Kaliningrad" both return a lot of results. (Occasionally the database
has the hiccups and returns "not found" for anything you ask it. If you
suspect that this is the case, put in "Boston" or something to check,
and then wait a little while.)

The spreadsheet in question--which covers the entire footprint of the
JRI-Poland project, not just Prussian Poland--may be downloaded at All corrections, amplifications,
etc. are welcomed.

(Back to "East Germany" for a moment: many of the sources of the FHL
films for Koenigsberg are archived in Berlin.)

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA
JRI-Poland Co-ordinator, Prussian Poland

Hanna K. Grossman wrote:

At the conference this summer Roger Lustig mentioned a spreadsheet
showing these film numbers (and presumably places they cover).

Does anyone know how to find this spreadsheet?

I am looking for films covering the Jewish population of Konigsberg
1900-1910. In the past the FHL catalog listed several films, before and
after that period.
I just looked again and found nothing under Konigsberg and nothing
relevant under Kaliningrad (and no cross referencing)--so I hope this
spreadsheet would help me.

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