JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching with incorrect spelling uncovers more sites #general

Doug Mason

There are many reasons for the incorrect spelling of words. Letters may
be transposed, the writer may be a poor speller, two keys on the
keyboard may be struck at the same time, a wrong key is struck, English
may not be the writer's first language, and so on. (You should have seen
how many spelling corrections I had to make while typing that sentence!)

Entering an incorrect spelling into a www search engine may uncover
useful and interesting sites.

For example, using a popular search engine, I uncovered Jweish (8590
sites), Autsria (5060), Autsria Jew (15), Autsria Holocaust (22), Nzai
Jew (185) and Holocast 55,000.

Doug Mason

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