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Marian Brown wrote:

<<With free access to passenger lists on a well-known commercial site
this month, I have spent many hours searching the manifests, page by
page, name by name, and I want to share my experiences.

Looking for my great-grandparents, Rosa and Adolph Lissauer, and their
children who immigrated in 1887, I finally found them as Rosa and Adr
Cirzomer. The "L" in Lissauer was written as a lower case letter and
was magically transformed into a "C" --- The names and ages of the
children were also wierd but somewhat recognizable.

Then, I decided to look for my other great-grandmother, whose manifest I
possess. Her name was Marie Huebschman and Ancestry listed her as Marie
Rubschmann. The children were noted as Tom, a female, written Toni;
Rees, written Resi, and another Marie, very clearly written as Minna.

SO -- even though the index to these records has many, many
inaccuracies, don't give up. When I began, all I really knew was
approximate years of immigration.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH>>

David replies:

What we must all remember is that the person compiling the original;
listings wrote down what they thought they heard. Most of the accents of
the time would have been alien to them, so they made the best guesses
possible. Also, the immigrants themselves may have had only limited - or
even no - English, so they would have been unable to check the spellings.
Thus the errors arose and, in many cases, perpetuated.

David Nathan, London, England

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