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In 1953 Golda Meir was the Israeli ambassador to the Soviet Union. She
enraged the Soviets by attending High Holy Days prayers at the Moscow synagogue
and drawing a huge Jewish crowd to the place. As a result, I believe, the
Soviets broke off relations, but resumed them not too long after.<<

=====I believe this isn't accurate.
Golda Meir was sent to Moscow not in 1953 but in September 1948 and stayed there
until April 1949. Soviet Russia was one of the first countries to recognize
Israel so they exchanged ambassadors. Stalin did not break off diplomatic
relations with Israel as a result of the gathering of thousands of Moscow Jews
outside the Great Synagogue during Rosh Hashana services in 1948 just to see
Golda Meir. At that point in time he chose to do something much more cruel: the
Yiddish theater in Moscow, Yiddish newspapers, the Yiddish publishing house
"Emes" were all closed down a couple of months later; the brilliant actor
Salomon Mikhoels was murdered, eminent Yiddish writers as Dovid Bergelson,
Peretz Markish, Der Nister, Yitsik Fefer and others were accused of pro-Israel
sympathies, jailed, "tried", and executed. He made Russian Jewry pay the price
for the interest they had taken in Israel.
Aida Rauch [Belgium]

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