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My greatgreatgrandmother emmigrated >from Russia (Novogrudok), via Liverpool,
to New Haven, Ct. (USA) sometime between1880 and 1890. She and her (second)
husband were silversmiths.
I don't know her second husband's family name , but her first family name
(as were her 4 children who came with her) was Rivka ABRAMOWITZ.

Is there any way of finding records about her in New Haven on the basis of
the above information? Maybe a list of jewish silversmiths in New Haven
during that period of time?

Go to and in
the section "With all the words", type in "Abramowitz New Haven". Then
check "prior to 1950". You'll get back newspaper reports >from New
Haven (>from the 1920's and 1930's) on anyone named Abramowitz.

Dr. Josh Backon

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