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Jackie Wasserstein

I found my grandfather, Jacob Granat, in the Ellis Island database. He
sailed on the S.S. Merion which left Antwerp November 16, 1907 and arrived at
Ellis Island on November 29, 1907. Just recently I found my grandfather listed
on another ship's manifest. This ship was the S.S. Cambroman which left
Antwerp on November 9, 1907 and arrived at Ellis Island on November 24, 1907.
The other passengers on that page of the Merion's manifest were also listed on
the Cambroman's manifest. Obviously they couldn't have sailed on 2
different ships at the same time. Did something happen to the Cambroman and
all the passengers were then transferred to the Merion?

Jackie Wasserstein
East Meadow, New York

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