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am completely stumped, stymied, mired, and frustrated at not able to
trace my grandparents, Hyman FAGELMAN, FOGELMAN, FEIGELMAN,
or FEGELMAN, wife Lena, and son Samuel >from Doschitsy. All last
name spellings have appeared on various census records. The 1910
census has them living in Boston. However, they allegedly immigrated
in 1901. I can find Leal Fegelman, with Efraim and Shepsa,
traveling on the Vaderland, leaving >from Dokshitzy, arriving in March
1902, being met by husband Chaim Fegelman, at 292 Cherry St in New
York City. My Lena and Hyman fegelman were at that same address,
with son Sam at that time.

Though Leal is close to Leah, I don't think she belonged to me, as
there was no mention of Samuel Fegelman on that manifest.
In 1910, the family was living in Boston.On the 1910 census, Hyman
had a PA written in the column asking whether or not the resident was
a citizen. I don't know if he naturalized himself and son Sam, or if
uncle became a citizen on his own, because Hyman deserted his family
after 1910. My grandmother was listed as an Alien in the '20 and '30
censuses. Will it be possible for me to get a copy of her Alien
registration to find family information and how she came to the states?

I would also like to ask the names of Jewish Aid Societies and
orphanages in Boston at that time, and if there are any remnants of
these organizations functioning today.

Thank you,
Annette Stolberg
Rochester, NY

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