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Micheline GUTMANN

The annual meeting 2007, call for candidates
The Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon and the complete list of members, with
mention of those whose genealogy has been studied by GenAmi (about 2/3).

Isaac STRAUSS, born at Bischheim, Alsace,musician and collector of Judaica.
His important collection occupes an important place at the " Musee d'Art et
d'Histoire du Judaisme" in Paris. Descendants, among them the Academician
and ethnologist Claude LEVI-STRAUSS, (and our cousin Claude GUTMANN.)
Ascendants, relatives, also the maternal branch with families BLUM (the mohels)
and HIRSCHMANN of Ettendorf (with rabbi Joseph MOCH of Bischheim whose
great-daughter married my great uncle Maurice VISSOTSKY.)

The Hamburger family of Bergheim is descendant of Rabbi FEIBELMAN and Ruben
WARBURG of Altona.

The National Conference of genealogy in Tours in May 2007; GenAmi will be present

And ...Yvette Zeliqzon - The last name of the list of deported people >from France
on the Klarsfeld list. She was a beautiful blond-haired girl of 13 years old.

The Chief rabbi Rene Paul Hirschler, deported as his wife after an heroic
attitude. His history was well-known, but not his genealogy. The family came
from Presburg and was related with families of Bordeaux, Avignon, Lorraine and

1906: birth of Hannah Arendt

An Ancient Lineage, Edward Gelles
To Remember Me By, Ernst Oppenheim
Lists de circumcisions in Nancy and Toul will be translated.

GenAmi presents four new delegates
Reviews of genealogy

Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France
Web site GenAmi=

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