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Essentially, the Galveston Plan was an immigration project allowing a
relatively small number of Jews into Galveston >from about 1910(?)
until several years later. The idea was to serve two needs: build up
southern Texas after a devastating hurricane,and allow some Jews under
particularly horrible circumstances (in my ancestors' case, it was
Pogroms in northeastern Lithuania around 1910) into the US.

Why didn't they just go through the eastern ports? This I don't know,
but I suppose the GP gave some Jews a fast track to America, so they
just took what ever opportunity they got.

My relatives went almost immediately to St. Louis, and then soon
after to Chicago--though one sub-branch returned to Texas later.

I hope this helps. You might find more if you "google" Galveston Plan, etc.

What is the Galveston Immigration Plan? I recently found some Goldberg
family in Galveston around 1923.

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