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Marlene Bishow

On Sun, 10 Dec 2006 02:51:03 UTC, anna.olswanger@... (Anna
Olswanger) wrote::

Can anyone refer me to a photographer who makes archival quality
8x10 black-and-white prints on photographic paper >from jpegs?


Anna Olswanger
New York, NY
Dear Anna::

If, by "archival quality" you mean a photo on archival quality paper and
ink, you should be able to get such a print at most any photography store
that does prints. There are many private and chain photography stores that
use high quality papers and processes. Although the quality has improved at
chain stores, such as drug stores and the like, a specialty store is most
likely to give you choices as to paper and finish.

JPEG is a standard photographic format in which pixels are clustered and
this leads to a lesser quality reproduction. If you want the best picture,
you are more likely to get that >from a TIF or other high-quality format. If
your source is a camera, all cameras are not created equal in terms of
contrast, color and other factors. The source of your JPEG, camera or
scanner, may be adjustable to provide higher and lower resolution images.
JPEG files are more compact and if that is all you have, then be realistic
about your expectation of quality of your print and do not expect to blow up
a low-resolution print to 8x10. If you have the option, but can only create
a JPEG, then pick the highest resolution that space will allow you. The
storage media (card, etc.) will determine this.

It is important to realize that if you have scanned or taken a photo of a
photograph, it is highly unlikely that the quality of the print will be as
good or better than the original, but someone with good tools can improve
color, contrast, imperfections, and other characteristics so that to an
untrained eye, the resulting photo will be more acceptable. If that is all
you have as a source and the picture is a family treasure, then be sure to
get someone to work on it who is experienced. Again, may photography stores
have such resources and there are also many good amateurs out there, but you
should have realistic expectations.

Good luck,
Marlene Bishow
Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington
Rockville, MD
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