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Passports >from July 10, 1924 indicate that sisters Serene (KISH) DAVIDOWITZ
(DAVID) and Regina KISH RING were traveling to their former homeland of
Hungary. Serene is documented as living at 9 Ferry Street, South River, NJ.
Regina is documented as living on Main Street, South River, NJ. Their
travel itinerary was Germany, Austria, and Hungary. It indicates that
their destination of Hungary was to visit their mother, Hannah GROSS.

What we know of Serene KISH DAVIDOWITZ is:
Mother Hannah GROSS, m. Samuel KISH b. 1826 AustroHungary
Siblings may include: Menyhert KISH, Joseph KISH, Sandor KISH, and
Irene KISH all probably born in or near Galvacs, Hungary and immigrated to
the United States.

Serene KISH b. 1883 AustroHungary d. 1964 California

Seren KISH DAVIDOWITZ was the sister of Regina KISH RING.
Regina Kish b. 1876 AustroHungary d. 1941 New Jersey
m. Leopold Ring m. 1900 b. Dec. 15, 1875 Austria d. Nov. 16, 1916 in
South River, NJ

The DAVIDOWITZ and RING families were said to be well known business owners
in South River during the early 1900's. Businesses included a deli,
grocery store, and meat market, which were located on Main Street and
Williams Street.

Further information on the GROSS / KISH ./ DAVIDOWITZ families may be
found at:

I am in search of any relatives, friends or neighbors of Serene KISH
DAVIDOWITZ and what memories they may have of the DAVIDOWITZ and RING

Please reply privately if you have any information. Thank you in advance
for any and all responses.

Nancy RING KENDRICK of Port Orange, FL
and RING >from the following areas: Fairfield, CT, South River, NJ,
Pittsburgh, PA, Providence, RI, Bielsko-Biala / Bystra / Kenty /
Nowy Sacz / Tarnow

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