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Dear Genners,

My grandmother was registered at birth with the given name Rayler,
I believe (I've got to get her birth certificate to be certain).
She appears on at least one UK census with that name.
On another UK census, she is down as Raylia.
During the time I knew her, she was always called Ray by her family.
She always insisted, when asked, that her given name was Raylia and not

Her parents were both of Dutch Sephardi origin but were both born in London,
so would have spoken good English.(Her mother is known to have spoken
English without any trace of a foreign accent).
This would tend to discount the possiblity that the name was a spelling
mistake (Rachael??).
I've never seen anyone with either of those given names on any other tree
and I've never heard either of the names elsewhere.
Is it unique to her (and one of her descendants), or does anyone in the
group have a similarly named ancestor?

The reasons I ask are

1) She was the firstborn child and, therefore, it is likely that she was
named after one of her ancestors.
2) Curiosity.

Henry RAYmond Best [LONDON]

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