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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

How/why does a writer chose their special nom de plume? That is a question I
pondered on when I discovered today that the real name of Alberto Moravia, the
Italian novelist and writer, was actually PINCHERLE. His father was Carlo
PINCHERLE - architect and painter.

We have recently had some discussion on our AustriaCzech SIG: re the migration of Jews between Italy
and Bohemia/Moravia [both directions]. There were definitely PINK and PINKAS
living in Bohemia and most probably Moravia too in the late 1700s. Could
PINCHERLE be a diminutive? Did these Italian PINCHERLE originally come from
Bohemia or Moravia?

There are/were quite a few PINCHERLE in Italy [see Google]. In Livorno, I also
noted the name PINCARLE. There are four PINCHERLE buried in Vienna:

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 7-14-73
Pincherle Adolf aged 28 buried 09.09.1880

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 51-11-31 all buried together
Pincherle Angelo aged 17 buried 22.04.1906; Pincherle Jeanette aged 79 died
07.05.1940; Pincherle Wilhelm Dr. aged 63 buried 13.05.1918

PINCHERLE appear to be centred in the Trieste region [once part of the Habsburg
Empire]. Here is a reference to 56 PINCHERLE in Slovenia [Gorizia] Nova Gorica
{Rozna Dolina}

There are 13 PINCHERLE [some are duplicates but all >from Gorizia] listed on Yad
Vashem - all have POTs with extensive links. We remember them all here today.

I wonder if Alberto Moravia knew that his family had Moravian origins and that
is why he chose the name or was there another totally unconnected reason?
Has anyone read Alberto's autobiography and perhaps shed light on his family's

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: If you are not a subscriber, you can still see Alberto arriving in NY
on [one mention according to new Jewishgen rules] - however he is
mistranscribed as Alberts Pincherle Mora; Arrival Date: 12 Dec 1935; Estimated
birth year: abt 1907; Ethnicity/Race/Nationality: Italian;Italian (South)
(Italian); Ship Name: Rex; Friend's Name: W Van Buren. Alberto makes another
trip in 1955 by plane. Please also note the arrival in NY of the famous
mathemetician Salvator PINCHERLE [born Trieste] in 1924. His address is given
as Villa PINCHERLE, Modena.

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