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Gary Kass <gman425@...>

Is there anyone out there who can help me with this problem? I know of a
Canadian entertainer(who is very talented)named Elan KUNIN. Elan's family
emmigrated >from Russia to Montreal(I don't know which year or what part of
Russia they came from). His great-grandfather was named Morris and was in
real estate. His grandfather was named Jack. Jack had two sisters,Libby
and Anne. Elan believes his great-grandmother's maiden name was Posen. He
knows there are relatives in New York City. He is also aware of an aunt
and uncle named Sarah and Abraham,respectively.
As it turns out,my grandmother's maiden name was also Kunin. She was born
Tsivia in 1893 or 1894. She came to the United States just over 95 years
ago,on December 4,1911. My grandmother was born in Minsk,in the Vitebsk
Gubernia. Her American name was Celia. She married my grandfather on May
24,1913. My grandmother's father was Lewis Kunin and her mother was Muska
Abramis. Both parents were born in 1865 in Vitebsk and died in 1906 in
Vitebsk as well. I am aware of at least two brothers of my grandmother,but
I don't know their names.
Does anybody know if my grandmother's brother might have been one of
Elan's relatives? I don't think Kunin is that common a name. My
grandparents did settle in Brooklyn after emmigrating >from Russia. Any
help that is provided is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Gary Kass
Staten Island,New York

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