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I'm trying to trace the Jewish side of my mother's family and trying
to find out how far back the matrilineal rule for being considered
Jewish goes back (for example, would it be considered one or two
generations, or would it go much further back than that).

A bit of background. Although not raised as Jewish (in fact, I was
baptised in the Anglican church and my father is not religious,
although I believe his family did come >from a Christian background),
it turns out that my mother was Jewish, as was my grandmother and my
great-grandmother before her. As far as I am aware (and have been
told), >from my great-grandmother on my mother's side onwards is when
they married outside the faith.

Although neither my grandmother or mother grew up or practice the
Jewish faith (and it's taken 30 years for me to discover this - it was
never discussed!), I am nonetheless curious about the Jewish roots of
the family.

My mother's married name was Noble (Jean Kathleen, born 19th Janurary
1939). My grandmother's maiden name was Coburn (Kathleen Coburn, born
11th May 1915, although I have not managed to find any record of her
birth - this was what was recorded on her death certificated). I
cannot find any records relating to my great-grandmother and her
family - although the majority of the family appears to have lived in
and around London .

I've not been able to find much information in the JewishGen UK
databases, and since my mother and grandparents have long since gone
I'm not able to question them - although I am trying to get in touch
with my uncle to see what he knows about this. Is there any good
places that I might be able to look to see if I can go further back
than my grandmother?

Many thanks,


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