JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Skawtian and Te'Pushtva, Russia, current names please #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Genners,

In 2003 I posted asking about the town of Skawtian, Russia, listed on an
Ellis Island Passenger manifest for David and Esther Isakovitz who
arrived in 1907, as their birthplace. These were distant relatives and
I did not have any other clue to help narrow their place of origin.
There were several possibilities suggested by knowledgeable Genners, but
no way of confirming which. Now I am in contact with descendants of the
family, and the town name remembered by David and Esther's grandson is
Te'Pushtva and another cousin says there is a statement in a book that
the family was >from Lithuania. Considering that Lithuania borders
Latvia and Belarus and some of the previously suggested towns were in
Belarus and Latvia I'm wondering if Genners can help me identify these
towns with this further information. The possibilities given by
ShtetlSeeker are too confusing and numerous. Thank you for any help you
can give me.

Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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