JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Faded paper - how to restore to be able to read? #general

Carlos Glikson

Re. a 1967 paper, Patricia Wilson wrote
Unfortunately I can only make out very little of the wording as the page
has faded - any advice as to how to 'bring back the lettering' would be
This approach is directed not to the paper, but to its scanned image. If you
have the original scanned in a PC, most scanning or graphics softwares
allow to tweak the parameters and enhance the image. Basically, what works
best is modifying a parameter called "gamma" , but sometimes it is enough to
vary brightness and contrast.

A scanner is best, but if you do not have one, you can begin with a picture
of the document taken with a digital camera. Playing around with different
possibilities for your particular digital camera's manual settings will also
give different results of the picture, to begin with...

If you do not have a graphic software, or if what you have for yor digital
camera does not allow to tweak gamma, or even brightness and contrast,
sometimes even adjusting the monitor's brightness and contrast will increase

In some cases the results really are "magically" better than the original.
And even if the effect is then lost, or diminished, when trying to print a
copy, at least these procedures may help decipher the document while seeing
it on the screen.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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