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Carlos Glikson

Dr. Rosenstein is
Looking for information about the ancestry of Dr. Weizmann, President of
I'd like to share a story because it shows that little things we sometimes
take for granted are not so little after all, and are not always granted.
The story, unfortunately, does not reveal a lot about Dr. Weizmann's
ancestry, even if it refers to his family. It does mention his native town,
and is based on info I found when trying to identify the original town for a
friendĀ“s family - Dr. Weizmann's shtetl.

In 2003 someone in LitvakSig (I am not checking now) was trying to pinpoint
where his family came from, and wondered if the habit of drinking tea while
holding a lump of sugar between the teeth was particular of a certain area.
Information followed >from subscribers with different information and ideas.
After a certain reply I added this story :

"Bruce Sanders' theory is that having the sugar cube visible for all to see,
while drinking tea, was a sign that you could afford sugar. I'd like to
expand this with some nice info in an eMail which I kept an year ago - but
could not find on-line now.

I had to do some research for a friend. His family is related to the
Weizmanns >from Motol. Chaim Weizmann, the first president of modern Israel,
was born in Motol, in today's Belarus. Searching for Weizmanns and Motol, I
came across this. The author of the eMail.mentioned quoted his uncle Aaron.

Aaron - believed to live across >from the Weizmanns in Motol - said that

"the Weizmanns were so rich" that....
"they had sugar in their tea every day." !!

Certainly many of us take some things for granted nowadays - sugar, for
example. Extracting and refining sugar >from sugar beet was the activity of
some of my family members. Probably, the Weizmann's sugar came >from sugar
beet, too.

By the way, I remember the tradition of cube-in-teeth and tea- in- tall-
glasses (with and without handles) for family members originating as North
as Vilna Gubernia and as South as Kremenchug, Ukraine. Who copied whom?

Buenos Aires, Argentina
PD: There is some info Dr. Rosenstein may find interesting in

I was helping a Chemerinsky. Here there is a mention of a book on Motele/
Motol and the Chemerinsky connection to
the Weizmann:

10. Chemerinsky, Hayim (Reb Mordechele). Ayarati Motele [Motele My Shtetle].
Edited by Alter Druyanov with advice >from Hayim Fialkov . Glossary by Yom
Tov Levinsky. Tel Aviv: Dvir, 1951. (First appeared in Reshumot Vol II, 1927
pages 5-124.) 209 pages."

... " Some of these writings provide rich information about specific
families. Most of the literature relates to the Chemerinsky/ Chemerinsky/
Fialkov/ Weingarten/ Weizmann/ Shapiro group of families. Though memoirs by
members of Motol's leading families are available, we know little about life
from the perspective of its poorer Jews."

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