suggestions for finding documents on relatives i just found out about #germany

Lin <lin2@...>

Last week I received a document (familieregister) of my great great great
grandparents Gronum ROSENBERGER and Blum OETTINGER ROSENBERGER. I told
some of my relatives about it and sent them the scan I received.

Then I was just told by 2 relatives that a family related to their
daughter, my great-great grandmother Jette ROSENBERGER BUEHLER came
to the U.S in the early 1940s. I'd never heard before of anyone
knowing any of the ROSENBERGER relatives. According to my mom's
first cousin, Julian ROSENBERGER, his wife Cornelia "Nelly" ROSENBERGER,
and their son Gustav "Gus" or "Guss" ROSENBERGER came into New York in
the early 1940s for a short time and then went to Chicago. The family
name was changed to ROSS.

Our two cousins do not know the exact town in Germany these people
came from, but it was one around where the rest of the family lived.
My great-great grandmother was >from Oberdorf, other family members
lived in Noerdlingen, Eberstadt, Markelsheim, Kleinerdlingen, etc.

One of the cousins sent me photos of these people and I would say
Julian and Nellie were at least the age of my grandparents or older
(they were born between 1889-1895) Cornelia looks younger than her
husband, but not tons younger. Their son looks older than my parents
in the photos which are dated. Maybe he was born in the 19 teens.

One of the cousins who told me about these relatives said that she's
almost positive Julian told her that his father (name unknown) was
the brother of my great-great grandmother Jette ROSENBERGER BUEHLER.
The family register shows that there were 3 sons that may have lived
to adulthood to have children, Abraham ROSENBERGER, Samuel ROSENBERGER,
and Loew ROSENBERGER. One may have been Julian's father .

I have checked every way to Sunday on [ * ]
for any of these 3 family members; Julian, Cornelia "Nelly"
and Gustav/Gus/Guss Rosenberger/ Ross. I have tried various googling.

I would love ideas >from the experts on finding these folk. The
photos my cousin sent to me were taken in America in 1958 of Gus
and Nelly and Julian in Miami Beach, one of just Nelly and Gus at
Lake Louise, Canada in 1963 (so I assume Julian was deceased, but
it's possible he took the photo.) Another photo in Miami Beach in
1972 of Gus and Nelly, and one of Gus and Nelly in Spain in 1972.
Evidently Gus never married and I was told it is believed there
are no other Rosenbergers related to them alive at least in the US.

Does anyone have any ideas for finding any documentation of these folk?

Best wishes, Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida lin2@...

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