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To add to the response for Ms Greenberg who asked about Manhattan wills and
administrations: In New York State the cost to search for any probate file
in any county is the same. So don't be shocked by the fees in Manhattan
(quoted at $90 per file plus a per page copy charge --- I can't vouch for
this charge since it has been a while since I did this and it was $70 last
time I checked a few years ago) since it is mandated by state law.

One suggestion is to have someone else do the search for you if there are a
number of names to search. You can swap research with another person or hire
a local professional in the county you need. Very likely the charges >from a
professional will save you money. Especially if there are many pages in the
file and the clerk copies all pages (it is what they do, they don't read
them) when all you want are ten pages of pertinent details. I don't know the
current charge per page but it is certainly at least fifty cents or higher.

The 2003 book by JGS (New York) titled _Genealogical Resources in New York_
should be reviewed for details on fees, restrictions, etc. It states that
fees are $70 for a search of records over 25 years old and $24 for records
under 25 years, plus $5 per page for a copy of the file. [Important Note: if
you are doing research in New York City and do not yet have this
book...order it today. It is indispensable.]

You should be aware that in New York City (and likely other counties) you
cannot do the search in one day. Files pre-1964 are filed off-site. At your
first visit the file is ordered and the staff retrieves it >from a warehouse
and lets you know, by e-mail, when the file is in Manhattan, or wherever, to
review. It can take more than a couple of weeks before you are notified
about the file.

How to find a professional genealogist? Search the website of the
Association of Professional Genealogists at .

Eileen Polakoff

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