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Alexander Sharon

Lilii Susser wrote in

I have 2 street addresses >from Plock, Poland which are similar. One is
Rynek the other Stary Rynek. One is >from the late 1800 the other the early
1900. does anyone know if those could be 2 different addresses or one
and the same ?
Hi Lili,

Plock has two Rynek (The Marketplace), one is known as Stary Rynek (The Old
Matketplace), located in the old town, and the other is a Nowy Rynek (New
Marketplace). There is no separate place called just Rynek (some Polish
towns do). What I have read >from the town history, Nowy Rynek was
established about 100 years ago and its original name was "Plac
Manifestacji" (Manifestation place).
I believe that Stary Rynek and Rynek circa late 1800 is the same place,
since logically Stary Rynek was not renamed Stary till the Nowy Rynek was

1940 vintage picture of Nowy Rynek is located there:,39368,1170290.html

BTW Stary Rynek postcard >from 1910,39368,1170284.html


Alexander Sharon
Calgary Ab

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