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Jane Moulding

Sorry David but I must correct your statement that Colindale station is the last
one on that particular branch of the Northern line. The train terminus is actually
Edgware, two stops further up the line.

I can however vouch for the excellent service. You can order newspapers (or
microfilm) in advance on line and they will be ready waiting for you. Even if you
want more while you are there it usually only takes a short time for them to arrive
from the stores. Their e-mail address is You do
need to register in order to use their facilities but you can do this on the day of
arrival. You need to take with you a form of identity (such as a passport) and a
utilities bill or something that has your address on it.

I believe that you can only order 4 items in advance and can only have 4 items out
a time.

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK
Researching: GROIECKI/GROUSE - Kolo (Poland), London, Australia, USA & New
Zealand; ISAACS - New Zealand & London; RAPHAEL - London; RAUF/ROLFE - Kolo
& London; RUBINSTEIN - Neustadt (Lithuania), South Africa & USA; SIMMONS -
London, South Africa, USA & Australia

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