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Sometimes it is helpful to look at other pages of testimony submitted by the
same individual, as it is sometimes the case that some have more legible
handwriting than others. I found a page of testimony submitted by the same Shmuel
SHOSHAN for Anna KORSHAN, which shows Shmuel's residence as
mem-vav-Tzadi-ALEF Ayin-Yud-Lamed-Yud-Taf. This is Motza Illit (which is a suburb
of Jerusalem). I did a quick google search on the zip code given in the page of
testimony, 90820, and confirmed that this corresponds to Motza Illit.

Best of luck,
Yaakov Consor

Steven Bloom wrote:

I was looking at (and unable to download) the Page of Testimony (POT) for Khaim
ROZENBERG of Riga, Latvia. > The city name for his address in Israel is spelled:
Mem-Vav-Daled-vav Ayin-Yud-lamed-yud-mem > Modo Aylim????
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