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Martin Fischer

My maternal grandfather, Abraham LEVIK (1877-1957) of Kiyev, Ukraine, is
reputed to have won a river swimming competition and received an award >from
the czarina of Russia.

I have posted close-up photos on ViewMate of a piece of jewelry that seems
to have Russian letters on the front and two dates (October 2, 1905 and
October 2, 1910) on the back.

Is this a swimming award that might have been presented to my grandfather by
the czar's wife, or does it have anything to do with his service in the Russian
army in the Russo-Japanese war?

What do the letters on the front signify? What do the numbers on the back signify?
Could they indicate he won the swimming competition twice, or could they indicate
the years of his military service?

I realize that this is not exactly a genealogy question, but we are interested in
learning whether that story about my grandfather's athletic achievement might be
validated by this piece of jewelry.

I would be interested in hearing >from experts on the history of the Russian royal
family who might be able to verify that the Russian letters on the front might
verify that it was presented by the czarina. Was there a tradition of river
swimming competitions in czarist Russia, in Kiyev or elsewhere? Was there some
particular significance to October 2 in the history of Russia?

Please see:

Thanks for your assistance and information.

Martin Fischer
Illinois, USA

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