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Carlos Glikson

Rivka Schirman is looking for the birth place of her late father in law
Szulem Einoch Leslau, which "is written on one doc as "Leneyce ", on another
child's card it is given as "Linchess" and on the third child's card, as
"Lynczyz" and "neither of the spellings, gives anything that makes sense
when I try to locate the place with shtetel seeker.". Family members came to
Brussels >from Lodz.

A Daitch-Mokotoff Search in ShtetlSeeker for Lynczyz, which seemed the "most
Polish" spelling, gives two chances...not very close in sound or distance,
about 150 and 200 miles >from Lodz. "Linchess", which I thought - not being
a Polish speaker - could be a relatively close phonetic equivalent for
Lynczyz, adds a third place. It does not look right either, and is 180 miles
away. Leneyce's 12 matches include "Lemiesze", tempting if the problem is
not the precise sound but possible spelling errors, still 105 miles away
from Lodz, and one Leczyca, which at first sight looks - to me - quite

Still, Leczyca has a slashed L, a diacritic mark under the "e" which I
understand makes it sound like "en" before the "cz" and the sound for the
beginning of the name would become "Lench", closer to the "Linch..." and
"Lyncz....." I was looking for.

Perhaps a Polish reader could say how Leczyca would be pronounced with the
marks? The "c" is "ts"? Lenchitsa? But it is still more than 200 miles away
from Lodz. An alternate name is Lenz. (This mail does not show the marks in
the names of different Polish places I am mentioning).

Not very happy with what seems a not so close sound, but lacking "direct
hits", I at least wanted to see if there were other results closer to
Lodz.. Not that our families did not travel long distances! I then moved
from ShtetlSeeker to the Town Guide for the 1929 Poland business directory
in JRI-Poland.

A D-M Search for Lynczyz gives 6 hits. It includes one Leczyca in Leczyca
district, Lodz province - view Page 0867 . This Leczyca which did not show
at first in the DM search in ShtetlSeeker seems to be closer. A search can
now be made in ShtetlSeeker for towns with the exact name Leczyca, country
Poland, using the "Show the distance and direction from:" option, and
referring to Lodz. It now gives 5 matches, including two which are less than
25 miles >from Lodz:

Leczyca 52 04' 19 13' E M U Poland 24.3 miles NNW of Lodz

Leczyca 51 28' 19 20' E M U Poland 20.4 miles SSW of Lodz

The first one has a little logo with the link to a "JewishGen locality
page", which tells us the place was also known as Leczyca, Lechicha,
Lecycza, Lenchicha, Lenchitsha, Lentshits, Linchits, Lintchitz, Lunchich,
Luntzitz . Now, when I compare Rivka's "Lynczyz" or "Linchess" to "Linchits,
Lintchitz", I like it!

I imagine the "other" Leczyca, close by, 20.4 miles SSW of Lodz at 51 45'
19 28', may have also been known by quite similar names. Rivka will have to
work to see if one of these places is her husband´s family origin, and which

The first one, according to the Locality Page, was in the Kalisz province of
the Russian Empire before WW I, and in the Lodz Polish province in between
wars. A search for LESLAU in JRI-Poland includes results for Kalisz
gubernia and, sadly among other sources, also for the Lodz ghetto victims

There are 86 JGFF researchers for the first place, the one with a "JewishGen
locality page", and according to the Yizkor Book Database, there is also a
Memorial book of Leczyca:

Original Title: Sefer Linshits
English Title: Memorial book of Leczyca
Editor: J. Frenkel
Published: Tel Aviv 1953
Publisher: Former Residents of Leczyca in Israel
Pages: 223
Languages: H

I hope this helps

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marijampole, Augustow, Sejny,Sopotkin); ALPEROVICH, ALPEROWICZ (Kremenchug,Vilno)
TARNOPOLSKY, TARNOPOL (Kremenchug, Kharkov)

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