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The French Lines have an on-line database for passenger manifests for the
period of 1864-1936. While this only covers 27 different ship's crossings,
it is still of interest.

The site is in French, but is easily navigatable.

Look at the "Listes de passager".

An example of what one can find is a listing for the SS Normandie, Le
Havre - Southampton - New York, May 29, 1935.

There is a listing for Percy Trilnick, a Jewish British dress designer in
First Class. Unfortunately, there is no further information given on each

Another Jewish passenger in First Class is Abraham Mintz, but he is not
identified by profession.

Where the person is a notable personality, their occupation is given such as
Lucius Boomer, President of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Ann Rabinowitz

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