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I have heard that some shtetl coordinators may already have copies of the
pages for their shtetls >from the 1938 Lithuanian telephone book. If
extractions have already been done of the Jewish names for their town, I hope
they would consider providing me with that data so that I do not duplicate the
work which has already been done. Similarly, if there is a surname list in
existence for your town, please let me know. The volunteers helping with the
extractions would find it helpful.

A few days ago I posted the following:

"I have obtained a copy of the 1938 telephone book for Lithuania. This does
not include Vilnius. I am working to construct a database which will
include all the Jewish names I can recognise and I would welcome some help. The
data entry is simple. The fields will be surname, name, address, telephone
number, town, district. I have experimented with scanning some pages and the
results are good. Some towns have no names which I can recognise as Jewish and
of course, telephones were not common. Please contact me if you can help."

Dorothy Leivers

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