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I see many requests to locate people & thought I should share the techniques I have
found helpful. I have found over 150 people in last 2 yrs. This is very tedious &
time-consuming. I use Birthdays and Related Persons. This brings
up family groups. Ex. I was looking for female about age 70, married & moved to
Troy, NY, her mother lived in Bronx, NY in early 60s. Found DOB (she is 72) on NYC
Manhattan index at Mormon library, then entered DOB & first name only on
stevemorse & got family grouping with unknown husband & children listed in Troy &
IL. I enter children's names on stevemorse to get their spouses. Got DOB for husb
& kids/spouses. Then went to phone directory bigyellow & the ultimates & found
them. I click on zabasearch through stevemorse & get addresses/ph#s. Often these
are old but give clues, sometimes find unlisted phone #. I believe zaba makes
everyone a year older on 1 Jan. ex. anyone b.1942 becomes 65 Jan 1st & ussearch
changes age on their birthday. Both keep the deceased on for several yrs. Another
family grouping included 1st wife who died in 1988, so I learned 2nd wife's name,
dghter's name then found her spouse's name. I went to CA birth index to verify I
had correct person (knew mother's maiden name) then to phone directories. I take
detailed notes, especially when there are multiple entries, then sort & analyze.
I use several phone directories as the info varies. Some claim to update every
3-6 months but difficult to tell. I found an incorrect listing that was 3 yrs old
still on-line. Best to enter last name only & go through whole list. I use reverse
phone & address directories to eliminate the wrong ones. Important to read
carefully, as I have found relatives/married children in original household/phone
#. I keep record of wrong persons so as not to contact them again. Keep checking
multiple phone directories every 3-6 months. When I can't get phone #, I write &
enclose stamped self-addressed post card. Almost 100% of time, person will write
back if them or if incorrect. It's becoming more difficult to get phone #s, more
unlisted, more cell phone users, & now more Internet-based phone svces ex. Vonage
which are not in phonebooks.
from my experience, it seems older people (60-75) & divorced remarrieds have more
unlisted phones & I have been much more successful reaching their children, most
of whom I had no knowledge of. I always get last 4 of zip code, can do on
stevemorse or usps. Large apt & condo mail will not be delivered without a unit #
which you might be lucky to find in phone directory. Also, large bldgs have
multiple last 4s, so I usually check 2 sites to be sure it is correct. I also
recheck area codes. You will get a recording phone disconnected when it is still
right # but a new area code. Area codes are the one area I have trouble using
steve morse. I find it easier to google area codes & write in town/state. Phone
behavior is very important. You want the person who answers to like you & want to
help you. People are suspicious these days, so I start by telling them a little
about me & what info I am looking for & being polite. I have had several people
call relatives & seek info for me. One led to finding the person I sought. In
another case, I reunited 2 relatives in CA (college student & cousin of her
grandmother). As they were telling me how they were related to surname in NY/NJ, I
realized I had spoken to their relative. Happy Hunting & Thank you Steve Morse!!
Ellen Barbieri
San Diego, CA
Researching: ZYMAN, MARKUS- Lubowo (now Liubavas, Lithuania); KANOWICZ,

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