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howard wolinsky <wolinsky@...>

I am planning a roots trip to Lithuania and Latvia this summer. I expect to hire
Aleks Fegmanis as a guide in Latvia, visiting Dvink and Riga. But I am looking
for some recommendations on guides in Lithuania >from people who have been there
recently. I found postings for about 10 years ago about the guide Regina
Kopilevich. Can anyone on the list have contact information?

I hope to visit Keidan, Kovno, Slobodka and Srednik.I'd be interested in any
travel advice about Latvia and Lithuania as to getting around, such as renting
a car, taking buses and trains, cautions, places to stay. Any help would be
appreciated offline or online, whatever is appropriate.
Howard Wolinsky
Flossmoor, IL
Researching Sragon and Israel in Lithuania and Geskin
and Slivkin in Latvia

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