JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Finding out more about a Russian artist - Pavel Adamovich VELONSKY (1849-1931) #general

peter hills <pmhills@...>

I am researching an unusual name - VELONSKY. I recently came across a
reference to a sale item at Sotheby's last year to a sculpture by a Russian
artist called Pavel Adamovich Velonsky (1849-1931). I would be grateful for
any advice on how to find out more about this artist even it means leaving
my keyboard and visiting a reference library in London! An email to
Sotheby's seeking help was not answered. Thank you

Peter Hills
London UK

VELONSKY Jurbarkas , Raseiniai and West End of London (Soho)
RAYMOND/RAYMAN/RIMAN Vilna and West End of London (Soho)
BLUMENTHAL Ozerkov, Kalisz and London (Soho)
PHILLIPS Dvinsk, Los Angeles and San Francisco
PRUZAN Seattle and London

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