SELIGMAN in Gau-Algesheim, Hesse Darmstadt > UK and USA circa 1850 #germany

Amy B Cohen


I am trying to locate records for my great-great grandfather
Bernard SELIGMAN and his family. He was born in Gau Algeshiem, Hesse
Darmstadt in 1837. His brother Sigismund was born in 1830 or so, and
his brother Adolph was born in about 1843. There was also a brother
James born in the 1850s.

All four SELIGMAN brothers emigrated >from Germany between 1849
and 1870 or so---the first three to the US, the last to England. I
have many records of them in the US and UK, but no German records.

I also found two references on to an August SELIGMANN,
born in Gau Algesheim to Moritz SELIGMAN and Barbara SCHOENFELD in
1841. A death record for Adolph that I found on
states that his father's name was Morris, so I think that August
may have been another brother.

I have written to the town office in Gau-Algesheim, but received no
response. Is there any other place I should be looking? I'd
appreciate any suggestions. Thank you,

Amy Cohen, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA

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