INTRO - Researching SEELIG and KATZ families from Posen/Pozan and Berlin #germany

Susan <staylormall@...>

Hello GerSig,

I joined the group a couple of months ago and have been reading the group's
research issues with much interest. I have been doing genealogy research
for a number of years, researching multiple sides of my family using several
online tools. I live Corvallis, Oregon, USA and I am originally >from New York
state. My native language is English.

Currently I am researching my maternal Grandfather, Ernest SEELIG
and his parents, Emil SEELIG and Recha Katz SEELIG . I have run into
some research road blocks. I also hope to connect with possible relatives.
Any assistance and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

What I know currently: Ernest SEELIG (maternal grandfather)

Born 14 May 1890, Posen, Prussia
Ernest Parents: as Identified on US Social Security and New York
marriage records; Emil SEELIG and Recha KATZ Seelig
German citizens
Ernest last residence before emigrating was Berlin, Germany
Per Naturalization records he immigrated to the United States
1908 via Genoa, Italy on the ship Duca Di Genova. Per the FALK
on the ship manifest. Any thoughts on why would he travel under
a different name? Why travel to US >from Italy rather than Germany?
I called the offices in NY to clarify the name differences on the
attached ship manifest versus all other documents. They had no additional
information. Departed Genoa, Italy - 20 October 1908
Arrived New York City - 2 November 1908
Petitioned and Naturalized in New York City. Naturalized 1921
Resided in New York City (Bronx and Manhattan) >from 1908 until his death in 1964
Married Kathryn Pauline AHRENS, 25 December 1915 in Bronx, New York.
Divorced 1926. Daughter, Irma Grace Elizabeth SEELIG, born 08 November 1916
(my mother)

My source documents include: US naturalization papers, New York marriage
certificate, US Social Security application, and US census records.

What I would like to know and obtain documentation of:

Birth Record for Ernest SEELIG - 14 May 1890 Posen, Prussia
Residences/Addresses of Ernest Seelig between 1890 and 1908
Emigration date >from Germany, 1908
Confirmation of parents. Marriage record for Emil SEELIG and Recha KATZ
Dates of their birth and deaths
Identification of Emil and Recha's parents
Identification of any other children of Emil SEELIG and Recha KATZ
(I believe Ernest may have had a sister) Occupation of Emil SEELIG
Last known Residence/Address of Emil and Recha in Berlin, Germany

The Central Shoah Database identifies an Emil SEELIG. I cannot confirm if
this is my Emil SEELIG:
Emil SEELIG: born 08- 08-1871 in Hohensalza, Inowroclaw Poznan, Poland.
Deported >from Berlin and interned 1942 Theresienstadt/Terezin, Ghetto,
Czechoslovakia Death: 06 1944

Any and all advice or assistance will be appreciated. Thank you,

Susan Taylor-Mall Corvallis, Oregon

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