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Jules Levin

At 08:44 AM 2/19/2007, Ben Forman wrote:

In the village hall the official pulls out a newspaper article which has names
of some of the families of the 300 Jews that lived there up until 1941.
Apparently there were 35 Jewish shops in the village and 7 Lithuanian. I have
grabbed images >from the video of as much of the newspaper article as I can, and
it is mostly legible, although I don't speak or read Lithuanian some of the
names appear to be

Lozarskis, Leibis, Iserkis, Berkis, Garbarism, Arkis, Jouskis, Iaja, Zalmonas,
Sapyram Steptinas, Joselevicius (Joselis), Mikis, Mejerklu, Mendelis ir
Benijosius Dulanai, Motkis, Kacleikis, Kalman, Lozarkats.
Since I tend to procrastinate with larger tasks, and respond best with small
incremental work, I will commit to translating paragraphs concerning specific
names, on request. I noted that they mention how many children each one had,
etc. By the way, I read 6 Lithuanian shops, not 7.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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