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I have previously posted a message re R' Yoseph CHAVER of Jedwabne &
descendants; this message repeats the details slightly, for those who
haven't seen the previous post, and adds a new twist to it.

My great-great grandfather's (Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Zalman KLEPFISZ,
Ob"m) brother, Avraham Meir KLEPFISZ, Ob"m married the daughter of
Rabbi Yoseph CHAVER, Ob"m; I don't know her name.

(Before I go on with my CHAVER inquiry, let me just add that
according to the Goworowo, Poland Yizkor Book, (Goworowo is where my
great-great grandfather Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Zalman KLEPFISZ, Ob"m
was rabbi), Avraham Meir KLEPFISZ, Ob"m, studied with Rabbi Yosef
Dov HaLevi Soloveichik, Ob"m, and the "Netziv", Ob"m, in the Yeshiva
of Volozhin, before being appointed rabbi in the city of Jablonka,
near Wysokie Mazowieckie.)

I also looked online at the Yizkor Book for Jablonka, called Nowy
Targ Yizkor Book. ; and
JewishGen's Nowy Targ Yizkor Book Translations, as well; I didn't
find KLEPFISZ, CHAVER, or KOTTON mentioned.

According to the Jedwabne Yizkor book (I looked online at ), Rabbi Yoseph CHAVER,
Ob"m, was a son of Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik CHAVER, Ob"m.

I e-mailed JGFF researchers of CHAVER, and of KOTTON, which I was
told "came from"/replaced CHAVER.

I'd like very much to be in contact with descendants of the above

None of the CHAVER/KOTTON surname "researchers" that I've been in
contact with know re descendants of this couple; and/or the wife
(nee CHAVER)'s name;

One JewishGenner e-mailed me a link to which has
11,000 Seforim (religious Hebrew books) for Free Download, including a
number of texts by both Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik CHAVER, Ob"m, and R'
Yoseph CHAVER , Ob"m; very interesting- near both of their names is
another surname: (transliterated >from Hebrew); VILDMAN.

Can any readers comment on their familiarity with any of these

I don't know which is more commonly used/by who/why the surname was
changed, if officially...?

I'd appreciate any help with this....

Thank you.

Sarah Lasry

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