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A month ago I posted message with help looking for more on "Breen"
I have received the naturalization records of Nathan and Ida Breen.

Nathan could not remember the vessel he was on, but it said that he came
around FEb 14 1891 >from Konotop. His birth date is different on the
naturalization record than the death certificate. He came into New York
and departed >from Hamburg. As for Ida, I have another spelling on her
maiden name. The names for her I have come up with so far is Osherow,
Osherov, Asheroff, and Isherow.

According to Ida's naturalization records, she came over Sep 8 of 1900
on the Barbarossa and she came >from Kiev. She departed >from Bremen and
entered into New York.
I have looked through Ancestry and have not come up with anything and I
went through jewish gen an am not coming up with anything. We assume the
last name "Breen" was changed and I am figuring this why I can't find
him and as for Ida I also assume she was using a different name when she
came into the country. I was told by a family member to trace her sister
and you will find Ida. Which I can't find her sister or her husband in
1900. At least not in Chicago. She was found in the 1910 census living
with her sister in Chicago. Her sister was Hannah or Anna or Annie Fagen
and her husband was Adolph Fagen and they were married in the late
1800's. I don't know if they were married here in the states or if they
were married in the Ukraine. They were both naturalized in 1898 and
their first child was born in 1899 in Chicago.
I don't know where to go with this. If those names were changed, how do
I find them on a manifest? Someone had to get my great-grandmother >from
the port since she was a female.

Does anybody know where do I go >from here?
I don't know what to do about the names and I don't think we know what
their Yiddish names would of been or their Hebrew names were.

many of you also sent me a newspaper of a Nathan Breen that murdered his
lover. I don't know if that's any relation or not. Question is if he had
murdered his lover would he been able to still become a citizen in 1929?

Meghan Breen

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