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Jeanne Gold <twig@...>

I believe I finally found the family I've been searching for the past 7
years. I would like to ask a few qustions raised by the passenger record
I found and also share a bit about the family with the hopes of finding
some descendents.

Samuel (Chaim) GREENBERG, born about 1844 in Bessarabia married
Fei/Faga/Fannie/Anne (maiden name not known). She was born about 1847
and they were married about 1864.

They had 15 children, of which only 6 came to the US and 5 survived to
adulthood. Of the other 9 children, they were probably deceased by 1900
and nothing more is known.

The family arrived May 25, 1900, New York and were bound for
Philadelphia, PA.

On the manifest it says they came >from "Falesch", Bessarabia Province,
Russia. Is Falesch a town, province or some other designation as it's
not clear >from the manifest. Also, is is possible that Falesch refers to
the shtetl Foleshty (now Falesti, Moldova 47=B034' 27=B043')?

The known children are:

(1) Mosche (Michael) Greenberg, b. 1872, married Sadie (Sarah).
Children: Eva, Gertrude, Mollie.

(2) Abraham Greenberg. b. 1873 married Sarah. Children: Anna, Hyman
(Herman), Yetta (Eva).

(3) Chava (Eva) Greenberg. b. 1880, d. before 1910.

(4) Jankel (Jacob) Greenberg. b. 1882.

(5) Leib (Louis) Greenberg. 1883-1947.

(6) Freide (Fanny) Greenberg, b. 1887.

Other than the last 2 children (Louis, Fanny) as far as I know this
family remained in Philadelphia. >from 1900-1920, this family seemed to
move back and forth >from the same 4 addresses: 322 & 406 Catharine, 3 &
406 Queen.

I'd also like to solicit opinions or experiences with the names Chaim
and Samuel. The passenger manifest has the name Chaim and all other
census and directory references are to Samuel. The son's death cert is
Shuma, which I assume is a variant of Samuel.

It's the only thing that doesn't match and makes me still hesitate that
I found the right passenger record.

Can anyone suggest why these 2 names might be coupled together? My
question stems >from memory of a message posted here many years ago where
the researcher explained why William's are often Walvel's and or Wolf's.

Thank you,
Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR, USA
JewishGen ID: 6106

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