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Yehudh bn Shlmo

Dear Geners,

Since we are on this subject, I have a technique I
have been using for many years that is very helpful
when searching for an address in a particular

Unless a close street address shows up on the first
page. I always go to the last page and search
backwards though all the exceptions. In general, the
exceptions are a list of all the occupants that were
missed or unavailable when the Census Taker went down
the street. They are not always at the end, but it
seems in most cases at least some or at the end.

Since the list is usualy several pages and consists
of various addresses >from the streets in that
district, it allows you to see many address ranges. So
for instance if you are looking for the 1400 block and
you see mostly the 2100 block for that street, you are
probably looking in the wrong district.

Also, many times districts are split down a single
street where the Odd addresses are in one district and
the even addresses are in another. If you only see
only Odd and you want Even, again look for another

Futhermore there are sometimes notes written in this
exception list documenting that a certain address is
going to be contained in another district.

And finaly, the person you are looking for could show
up in these 2 or 3 pages.

There are many more uses for this exception list, but
they all can save you the time of looking through each
page of the Census for that district if one of these
exceptions are found.

Yehudah ben Shlomo

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