JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Brighton Street name change in '30s? #general

Michael Horowitz <mhorowit@...>

I'm trying to find the occupants of 3034 Brighton 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY
for 1930. So, I calculated the ED in 1930 ( 1295 or 1901) and began
looking in the census for that address.

If you look at a current map of the Brighton (Brooklyn) area, you will
see a Brighton 1st, 2nd, 3rd,..8th as well as Brighton Beach
Ave. And during my search of the census I'm not seeing Brighton
mentioned except Brighton Beach Ave.

Then I see this note at"[in the '30s and 40s]
street names were changed for the benefit of the immigrants to
numbered Brighton 'places'." So, maybe the '30 census had another
name for these streets.

Does anyone happen to know how the '30 census would have refered to
Brighton 3rd Street? -Mike

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