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Robert Israel <israel@...> (Al Ruben) writes:

A cousin told me that the family moved to the Winnipeg area >from New York to
join a Hirsch farming colony. The family was out of the farming business and
living in business in hotel business in Winnipeg by 1904 or earlier.
I'm looking for any records of land grant/sale to *Rosenthal* relatives that
moved to a Hirsch Colony faming community somewhere near Winnipeg probably in the
late 1890s to 1904. I also have *Shulman/Oberman* in a slightly later period that
might also fit be at a Hirsch sponsored colony in Canada.
The Hirsch colony was in Saskatchewan. You can look up Western Canadian land
grants at I get 16
entries for "Rosenthal".

You might also contact the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada which probably
has lots of information on your family.

Vanesa Harari, Archivist
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
C116 - 123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3N 2B2

BTW, I went to school with Sheldon Oberman, who later became a well-known writer
(see <>).
Robert Israel
Department of Mathematics
University of British Columbia

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