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Lisa Bracco <lisa5bracco4@...>

Hi Michael,

I had the same problem a few months ago when trying to get the death
certificate for my great aunt. I knew only her name (and of course her
gender), her husband's name, her address on the 1930 census (was pretty sure
she lived there until she died) and only the approximate year of death
(1950-1952). I certainly didn't know her SS number, her father's name, etc.

What helped me was going down in person to the Dept of Health were the
records are actually kept. For a $15 fee, they let me go into a records
room and do a manual search through books that contain the death indexes for
NYC, one year per volume. The index, which is in alphabetical order, will
tell you only the person's name, date of death, the borough of death and
the death certificate number.

I took this info to the window at the Department of Health and with some
cajoling (they didn't want to accept the form with some blanks--I argued
that maybe she didn't have a SS number, etc. and that I was giving them the
actual death certificate number) they finally accepted it. Two weeks later,
I received the document.

One other thing, on the advice of other members of this group, I said my
purpose for requesting the certificate was to be able to visit her grave,
since the death certificate lists the cemetery where your relative is
buried. Apparently saying you are researching your genealogy is not always
an acceptable answer.

Hope this helps.

Lisa Bracco

"Michael Horowitz" <> wrote
> I'd like to get the Death Cert. for my Grandfather who died post '42.
The NYC Vital Records requires the following in order to provide a

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