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"Jeanne Gold" <twig@...> wrote:
I found a passenger record for my GREENBERG's and next to Fannie's name I
found annotated her Certificate of Arrival information.

What I learned >from NARA was that there is no way they can use that information
to find her naturalization file. They need to know under what name she
naturalized and I don't know her married name.

The Certificate of Arrival information is almost, but not quite, useless: there is
no longer any index (if there ever was one) in existence that cross-references this
number. However, there are two pieces of information you can glean >from it:
1) I have found that, for the ones I have researched, the date of issue was usually
two weeks before the Petition date; 2) the number is of the form DD-NNNNN, and the
DD is the district number where the Petition for Naturalization was filed. See
the Manifest Markings page here for an explanation:

If a Soundex index exists for the district and time period of interest, you may get
lucky: I've discovered that the women I've researched were indexed under both their
married and maiden names, but that may be due to the timing of their marriages
relative to their Declaration and Petition dates, rather than a general rule.

One other piece of advice: if given the choice between getting the film showing the
Declaration vs. the film showing the Petition, go for the Petition, since in many
cases, it contains a copy of the entire Naturalization record, including the
Declaration, Certificate of Arrival, and Citizenship Certificate.


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