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Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>

On behalf of the Suwalki-Lomza SIG, I am writing to let you know of an article I am
preparing on the town of Lubowo for an upcoming issue of "Landsmen". Lubowo was in
the Suwalki Gubernia >from 1866-1917 in the District of Kalwarya.

I welcome all contributions of materials concerning Lubowo including:
1. Genealogies of Jews who were born or living there in 18th - 20th centuries.
2. Trip reports >from people who visited the town.
3. Photos- both current & older.
4. All other research sources you know about, including all languages (English,
Yiddish, Hebrew etc.)
Please e-mail your info to me by April 15th. Mail if you prefer.

There are limited records for this town, no Mormon films & I am systematically
compiling data >from other sources. If you have an interest in Lubowo but have
nothing to contribute, please reply so I will know who has ancestors >from Lubowo.
Ellen Barbieri - Researcher # 8682

Moderator Note: If you would like to send your information to Ellen via mail
rather than email, please contact her privately for that address.

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