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Itzhak Epstein

Genealogy seems to be a very popular hobby. However, recruiting Jewish
(or other) genealogical enthusiasts for DNA testing is difficult.

My experience with the FTDNA Epstein surname project may be illustrative.

Three years ago, Marsha Epstein started the project. She diligently tried
to recruit participants and they dribbled in, one at a time. When I joined
her a year ago, I became the eleventh member and we undertook
an aggressive recruitment campaign. We wrote to hundreds of Epstein
researchers, >from the distantly related to the actively involved. We trebled
our membership, but most qualified Y-DNA testing participants did not join.
People who can afford trips to the old country, participation in genealogical
conferences and payments to research consultants do not bother to
plunk down $99 for the basic project-connected Y-DNA test.

Other surname projects face the same problem. Many genealogical
researchers avoid attempting to find relatives through DNA testing.

Are my impressions wrong? If you can test your grandfathers' direct male
descendants and have not done so, other then the affordability issue why not?
If you did not subscribe to an mtDNA test, why not?
What might persuade you to participate in DNA testing?

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

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