question about a Jewish orphanage in Fuerth #germany

Lin <lin2@...>

Hi GerSIGers,
I am wondering if anyone knows the name of a Jewish orphanage in Fuerth,
and anything about it. My grandfather, Max Levi was born in Markt
Berolzheim, in Bavaria. I am guessing he began studying there after his
father died in 1905. Evidently it had a very good school. My
grandmother's father, Abraham Buehler also lived there after his father
died as his mother could not afford to take care of all the children. He
would have gone to live there in approximately 1865.

If there is a way, I'd like to contact whoever has the records of the
orphanage. Perhaps they have some information on my Opa and
great-grandfather as students, maybe what they studied, etc.
Thank you so much, All the best,

Lin Herz, Palm Bay, Florida lin2@...

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