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Liz Miller <lizdmiller@...>

I have had some success in finding family here in U.S. However, I'm
hoping that some researcher out there has information on the following:

1. does anyone have records >from Kraisk/Kraysk, Russia between @
1850-1915? My ggreatgrandparents, Itzchack & Ruchel RUDERMAN may
have lived there. I have not been able to confirm any RUDERMAN family
during this time period. Their children were Moshe, Abram, Sophie, Ester
and Harry- all immigrated to U.S.

2. My maternal ggreatgrandparents lived in Grojec/Gritze, Poland.
Tuvia and Dina BORENZSTEJN had Chana Yetta (my grandmother, who
married young-no name is known, and had a son, Simcha & a daughter,
Surah), Abrahm, Sarah(who narrued Aria Hofnung), Ruchel. I'm sure there
were other siblings, but of those mentioned, only Sarah did not
immigrate. She, her husband and 3 of 4 children perished in WWII.

3. My grandfather, Shiya HILLER lived in Grojec/Gritze, but may not
have been born there(@ 1882). Shiya had a son, Nusson >from his first
marriage. Shiya immigrated withAbe BORENZSTEJN, Chana's brother,
in 1908. In 1912 Shiya(then Samuel) sent for Chana(Annie) where
they marred later that year.

If you have any facts about the RUDERMANs/Kraisk or Kraysk, HILLER
or BORENZSTEJN >from Grojec/Gritze please contact me.

Sincerely, Liz Ruderman Miller

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