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Barb & Howard

Hi Bruce,

You are correct. The purser who wrote this manifest sheet flunked in

Here is a pure guess at what this poor handwriting says. Belorussia
evidently meaning something like part of Belarus,

She came >from her 'brother'

Balososnia Vol. The 'Vol' [this is purely a guess---- could stand for
Volhynia which was a province east of Galicia, Austria and on the western
frontier of Russia proper. Volhynia shared a border with Padolia which was
just south of Volhynia] Not being thoroughly familiar with this geographic
area that's the best I can do at the moment.

Looks like your people sailed >from Bremen in 1914. Check out the Bremen
records if you are able to. I am a fine one to talk as I have never checked
them out myself. I am not able to decipher the month on the manifest. But
this would have been the time about when WW I started.

Russians were exiling [deporting] all the Jews especially the males >from the
front lines in what would become the field of battle in the up and coming
war. The Jews who could not escape westward
were suffering severely as they were being displaced and arbitrarily
deported into Russia.

If the origin of the family proves out to be in the Provence of Volhynia a
couple of books that you may want to read are: The Enemy at His Pleasure by
S. Ansky; and "A Whole Empire Walking" which deals with refugees in Russia
during World War I, Author Peter Gatrell.

Please let me know how you make out in your search.

My grand father was among those who were deported >from Rohatyn, Galicia in
1915. 575 adult males started out >from Rohatyn and were marched through
Volhynia into Russia. How do I know about this? It has been an area of my
research, and find that there is scant specific information about this time,
locality, and circumstance.

Happy Sleuthing,

Howard Steinmetz
Boulder, Colorado

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