JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Great match, but....census question #general

Michael Horowitz <mhorowit@...>

On mom's birth certificate(1915), there is the question: "How many siblings does
this father have?" and David R.(her dad) says 'five'. The 1910 census does show a
David R. (in Brooklyn) with five siblings so I have a comfort level the two Davids
are the same. Any other David R. doesn't have the correct number of sibs.

Now comes the rub. In the 1920 Census, David R. is shown in Colorado with his wife
and a daughter who will eventually become my mother. At the same time the David R.
(para 1 above) is shown in the 1920 census, still with his sibs, back in Brooklyn.

So, either this isn't the same David R., or the information given the 1920 census
taker was not correct.

Is it reasonable to assume the family in Brooklyn might say David R. was at that
address even though he had married and was living in Colorado? - Mike Horowitz

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